Life of Pi 4K High HDR (dynamic range video) trailer

Download Link:

Download File

*NOTE* – This file MUST be played using a HDR compatible TV, If you try and play it on a TV without HDR it will not display correctly.

Video Information:

  • Resolution : 3840×2160
  • File size : 292 Mo
  • Duration : 00min 54sec
  • Format : MP4
  • Codec : HEVC
  • Overall bit rate : 45.1 Mb/s
  • Bit depth : 10 bits
  • Frame rate : 24 fps
  • Matthew Gill

    bit red

  • Érico Galindo

    Wasn’t this movie mastered with a 2.8k Alexa?

  • Chao

    Can I take it for public use?

  • Satoshi Nakamoto

    Not even real HDR…get real uncompressed 4K HDR/HLG demos at

  • C Weaver

    I recorded 1080p Life of Pi from FXHD over DirectTV and the colors and depth are much better than when I play back this content with a non HEVC player which looks washed out after transcoding to H264 losing the HDR.

    However when played back HEVC in HDR it is truly amazing and certainly surpasses the recorded HD content in clarity, color, contrast, and brighness.

    This is a great sample of what HDR can do, but not a good A-B comparison with itself by changing the playback methods.